Camsite Delights: The Perfect Setting

Create an intimate atmosphere in the room, light candles, turn on soulful music, you can drink some wine. Choose a partner based only on your tastes. Experience shows that online sex will be more successful if the girl makes the choice. Follow the words so as not to offend your partner.

Respond to the actions of the partner, do not forget about reciprocity, awarding caresses in turn. When a partner describes, you can play with yourself. At the end of the session, you must say a nice compliment.

Virtual Sex Receptions

Many believe that online sex does not oblige you to anything, but this is far from the case. Sex Wirth is a kind of copy of relationships in reality, starting with the prelude and ending with the process. Those who choose sex by phone or SMS should expand their vocabulary so that the descriptions of actions are exciting and sound beautiful. Make a visit to and come up with the solutions.  Girls are encouraged to exercise, making the voice soft and sexy. Do not be shy of kind words. It is preliminary worth getting to know each other, flirt. The simplest rules of virtual flirt:

  • Attract attention, draw into the discussion an interesting topic.
  • Ask about tastes and dreams.
  • Tell about yourself, find common interests in cinema, music, hobbies.

Not necessarily flirting should flow into intimacy, many maintain a relationship at this stage for fun. You can communicate with several candidates at once, before making your choice. Sex in the virtual world, as in the real one, has its own tricks that should not be forgotten:

  • At the beginning of the contact to communicate, discuss preferences and interests, make a small prelude.
  • It is not worth discussing the size, appearance and weight, it knocks the excitement.
  • If video communication is provided, take care of the external sexual appearance. It is advisable if the man shows himself first.
  • Protect your contact with a special decryption program that deletes the chat history and blocks access to blackmailers.
  • Communicate sincerely, try to find out the interlocutor, enjoy the conversation.
  • If the interlocutor behaves suspiciously or rudely, it is better to immediately terminate the session.
  • Less use emoticons and conditional icons in correspondence, the partner needs more words.

Devices for virtual sex

How to diversify virtual sex?

Over time, you want variety, then you should look for a partner with a good imagination. The couple draws sex, which could be in real life: they describe the actions, then their feelings. It’s easy to come up with stories for virtual sex, here are some tips from experienced practitioners:

In the bath, you can describe how water flows through the body, caresses the hands, chest and other parts of the body.

  • On the roof of the house: cool wind, passionate kisses, slow undressing.
  • A walk through the forest, which ends with sex in a cozy clearing.
  • Sex in a crowded place, office, in the car seat.



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