What Makes Pornography A Perfect One for Deeepfake

Pornography is a topic older than Madonna’s face, but it’s still taboo. While no one has a problem to smoke a cigarette or have a drink in public, watching movies for adults is not so open. And yet everything is for people and people, if we use it rationally and safely. We keep our fingers crossed that it is in the group of almost 12 million Internet users (as much as 46% of all network users in Poland) who in September 2016 visited at least one Adult Site with 18+ productions. This is the result of the latest Gemius report, which examines our online behavior.

The Categories

Among the several categories, the most reliable seems to be the one devoted to the websites most frequently visited in homes, although there is no shortage of data about websites with erotic content popular, e.g. during business hours.

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